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Sugarcane harvests with maximum productivity and profitability


Identify risks, anticipate scenarios, and increase the potential of your sugarcane plantation

+ More tons of sugar per hectare
- Less carbon footprint

In just 2 steps, receive a free analysis of your productivity potential:

1st  Fill out this form with the necessary initial information.

2nd Wait for our response to send the harvest data, which are requirements for building productive potential scenarios.

Gamaya is a Global Expert in Automated Intelligence for Sugarcane
Sugar mills in Brazil, India, Southern Africa, and the USA rely on our expertise

Variables that threaten the productivity of the plantation under control of your mill.


We train our artificial intelligence to solve the mill's challenges and anticipate changes.


Climate Change

Logistical Challenges

Capacity Limitations


More productive sugarcane fields are also more sustainable

With the right adjustments throughout the harvest progress, mills increase sugar yield and still ensure extra returns from programs of sustainable practices.

See the earning potential with Gamaya's AI
in an are
a of 30,000 hectares:


0,7 tons

of sugar per hectare

90% more agility

in operation and decisions

15.000 tons

of sugar more per year

How is it possible?

The AI-based prediction tool that uses satellite images, weather, and is trained on millions of hectares updates forecasts weekly based on all changes.

Fully automated routine operations

  • Check all the numbers

  • Get updated reports

  • Receive on-demand information

100% control for decision-making at any time

  • Weekly and accurate forecasting

  • Harvest progress management

  • New scenarios for possible field contingencies


Take control of your sugarcane field and optimize your harvest!

Speed and agility that allow you to react to any challenge and change weekly to achieve the best results

Check the benefits of each solution in the CanaSight package:

Get/track the projection of your harvest in:

 Sugar Yield and Content

Total tons of cane and total sugar expected for the harvest


Make corrections to estimates as your harvest evolves

Robust AI model for data processing

Agronomic variables

 Climatic variables

 Correlation with vegetation indices


Compare estimates between treatment areas

Compare your estimates with the actual results

Results with the highest precision

Model trained with data from the main sugarcane producing regions in Brazil and the world

+95% accuracy

in Sugar Yield

Up to 97% accuracy

in Sugar Content

+4 million hectares

in the database

+15 harvests

of historical data

See what our customers are saying about Gamaya


"Gamaya's artificial intelligence has been helping us with this crossing of information, taking into account all the climate data and the conditions of the sugarcane fields, improving assertiveness to really apply where it will flourish (or very likely) and be rational about the consumption of inputs. "

Planning and Management

"Gamaya’s tool gives us quick and complete access to information from all farms"


“We've tried other sugarcane prediction software, but Canasight outperforms them all. Its unmatched performance has given us a competitive edge, leading to higher yields and greater profitability.”

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Learn more about CanaSight

Here you can find more about our tools in the sugarcane solution package.

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